New Statewide Coalition, Arizona for Better Medicaid, Launches With Goal of Building a Better Medicaid System

(Phoenix, Ariz., Jan. 27, 2021) Arizona for Better Medicaid, a new statewide coalition committed to building a better Medicaid system in Arizona, announced its launch today. Arizona for Better Medicaid will position the full integration of Medicaid Managed Care as the best way to expand access to quality care, improve the health care experience, drive better health outcomes and lower health costs in Arizona.

Arizona for Better Medicaid is supported by a variety of groups and individuals across the state who are champions of Medicaid and Managed Care, including First Place, Phoenix Pediatrics, Vitalyst Health Foundation and UnitedHealth Group. The multi-stakeholder group aims to expand to include additional patient and member advocates, clinicians, community-based organizations, health care leaders, hospitals and providers, and others.

“Arizona for Better Medicaid will serve as a long-standing, multi-stakeholder effort focused on demonstrating the value of fully integrated Managed Care,” said Arizona for Better Medicaid spokesperson Bettina Nava. “We believe Medicaid Managed Care is the best way to improve the health and well-being of Medicaid beneficiaries, enhance access to care and reduce costs.”

Medicaid Managed Care provides a better overall long-term experience by putting people at the center of care and giving providers tools to better coordinate care. Research demonstrates, and Arizona’s experience shows us, that Medicaid Managed Care delivers superior health outcomes compared with fee-for-service models and is also better positioned to address health disparities and inequities. Medicaid Managed Care provides a more sustainable Medicaid system for beneficiaries, the government and taxpayers.

“As a pediatrician, I know firsthand that Medicaid Managed Care is a critical safety net for so many families across Arizona. Phoenix Pediatrics is proud to join Arizona for Better Medicaid to help create a coalition of diverse voices and perspectives across the health care spectrum who understand and support Managed Care,” said Dr. Kevin Berger, CEO of Phoenix Pediatrics.

The statewide coalition aims to serve as a trusted resource for policymakers by providing credible research and studies on the quality and cost benefits of Medicaid Managed Care.

You can find Arizona for Better Medicaid on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Arizona for Better Medicaid

Arizona for Better Medicaid is a multi-stakeholder group of organizations committed to building a better Medicaid system that improves access, quality, outcomes and affordability by fully integrating Managed Care in Arizona. Arizona for Better Medicaid’s members include health care leaders, providers, health plans and others who are champions of Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care. Learn more at

Contact: Bettina Nava, Arizona for Better Medicaid,, (602) 228-0105